Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life Goals

My beautiful friend posted a list which inspired me to write my own goals, as the person I currently am. They will change as I grow in life, no doubt, and some of them will require maybe more than a lifetime's efforts.

See the northern lights, aurora borealis
Help to provide sustainable, affordable, and safe transportation options
Worm composting
Play the banjo
Learn to love myself and others more fully and deeply
Raise chickens or maybe a couple goats and maybe a couple children if I am up for it
Dip in each of the seven seas
Understand better the nature of the divine
Look at the worlds in a microscope and a telescope
Begin something beautiful (big or small, I don't really care) that spreads around the globe
And finally, when I die I want to be glad to have lived the AMOUNT that I did in the time that I had.

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