Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stuck in Head

Evidence we are related:
Me: Do you ever get a word or phrase stuck in your head and you keep silently repeating it to yourself over and over?

Em: Yeah.

Me: Do you know which phrase I've had stuck in my head recently?

Em: No.

Me: The Graaaaand Poooooobah.

Em (nods thoughtfully): Oh yeah. I've had that one stuck in my head before.
Awww my thithter.


Beth said...

Well, I honestly thought that it was me that said that. I hope you don't mind that I yelled at you about this. Because I just really care so much about having the truth be known!

Redoubt said...

I, too, have had words stuck in my head. And phrases.

ME said...

Sisterly love...