Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Oh man, so some friends and I are doing this coordinated content thing each Monday where we all post on a particular theme. The theme this week was Victory. And you can clearly see that I was not victorious. I thought it was a difficult topic, and, therefore, put it off until I felt more "inspired."

Then I checked some of their blogs and saw the victory posts and felt shame shame shame. Not real shame but shame like I didn't do the blog post even though I intended to. Hopefully they don't kick me out of the coordinated content project.

This post was supposed to be part of the Blue-Beta Blog Coordination, a continuing series of content coordinated by theme or motif with posts from Confuzzled of I Keep Wondering, Gromit of The Dancing Newt, Redoubt of Redoubt Redux, Third Mango of Funkadelic Freestylings of Another Sort, Xanthippe of Let’s Save Our Hallmark Moment, and Yarjka of Sour Mayonnaise. This week's theme: 'Victory'.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I don't even care about your affirmation-needing-ness! and look, you're back from getting your laundry and what? NO COMMENT FROM ME.

only....now I've caved. Bollocks.