Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hands Free

So pup called me Wednesday just as I was about to do some dishes (after Monday's post, I'll spare you the description of how badly the dishes needed to be done). Blast. My plans are foiled! I thought, somewhat disappointed, because I only very rarely actually FEEL. LIKE. doing the dishes.

Foiled? Not so.

I am, as you know, an engineer, fascinated - since a very young age - by finding creative solutions to everyday problems, as evidenced by the the it's-raining-but-I want-to-ride-my-bike photograph below:

Apparently I peaked early, though, as the bike + umbrella (umbrellycle?) seems to be a much more elegant solution to the rain problem than the following solution to my most recent dilemma involving dishes and a cell phone. Witness... hair scarf + puce-colored binder clip + phone.

Instant hands-free device!!! Ugly and awkward, yes, but still it seemed to function as I imagined.

Seemed to, that is, until Julia and I got disconnected. The phone was set to vibrate, so when she called me back... let me tell you THAT was a bizarre feeling... IN MY EAR. My hands were covered in suds and water, and I KNOW from experience how cell phone + water = very bad* things happen.

So, naturally, I flipped out and ran into Beth's room. AHHH IT'S RINGING. DO SOMETHING. I leaned my head over her desk where she was working on some writing. STICK YOUR THUMB IN THERE AND ANSWER IT. STICK YOUR THUMB IN THERE AND ANSWER IT.

I have such a good sister.

You know, just a day in the life...

*i.e. now the little camera flash is constantly shining and the display screen no longer works even though I did everything I was supposed to like letting it dry for 24+ hours and NOT plugging it in last time I got it wet.


Braden said...

Those are awesome.

Logan said...

I love it.

Saule Cogneur said...

He He. If that's not true sibling love, i don't know what is.

Alex said...

I have that same phone...or at least I did until it got briefly dunked in a river recently. Now it only works when it's on the charger, and it shuts off after precisely 15 minutes, so it had become quite non-mobile and useless for conversations.

I decided that after 3 years, it deserved to be put to rest...but not before the engineer in me had considered ways to rig up an alternate power source. Your solutions are cuter though. :)

kaci + tom said...

i love that you used the word puce. point for katie!

ambrosia ananas said...

*Great* pics.

Anonymous said...

And this is why I heart you