Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Got My Rock Moves

Well, I got this on Cragslist for $10:

Then I bought these:

So, I am thinking, with this:

...and this, I might just be able to come up with something worthwhile, even though I haven't sewed anything since 8th grade (and even then, it was nothing to brag about). 

I have been feeling all this restless creative energy lately.  This past week especially.  Just wanting to be alone, to produce, to beget, to conceive and to give, to heal through creation.  I learned some sad news last night about a professor from college.  I will probably post later about that.  


eebs said...

I'm sorry about losing your old professor--reading about him reminded me of the few really exceptional ones I've had and how they changed my life.
I'm really jealous of your sewing machine. You should make something for the sub-4-santa auction. I don't know what it would be, but I would totally bid on it because it would no doubt be awesome.

David said...

I haven't sewed anything since 8th grade either, but my mom still wears the apron I made. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i just love that link you gave, kfb. little creeper.

Newt said...

Eebs - that is a great idea, and I'm flattered you'd have such faith in my abilities. I'm actually going to be out of town that weekend, so I'll probably just end up donating some money or something.

David - I love this image.

Ju - who are you calling creeper, anyway?