Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Mountain

Family campout weekend. This place was called October Mountain. Fitting, huh?

We went hiking on Saturday.

The noteworthy things which happened or which we saw included a sprained ankle, lots of 'poison ivy', a sick sister, a cell phone falling into the marsh (gone forever), four different people reaching around in the muddy water for the cell phone, fraudulent leech scare... another sister throwing up, some landscapes, another sister working on a grant application on her laptop, and some fungus/leaves/trees.  Beth somehow managed to look SASSY in all the pictures in which she appears. 

I came. I saw. I conquered.

Amber waves of grain.  

Fungus 1. 

Fungus 2. 




So intense.  So vivid. 

Sickie/sprained ankle pup. 
'Oh. My hair doesn't look that bad'. 

The roots from a fallen tree provided a lot of entertainment for us.

Their new album cover.  

Why hello there father o' mine. 

Time for walkies. 

Marshlands.  Formed by beavers.  We did not see the beavers. 

Beth carried little gimpy pup.  You know you're loved when...

Tinfoil dinners.  YUMMY. 

And milk.


kaci + tom said...

some of the best captions yet. too bad about that leech scare.

Stella said...

Someone ALWAYS throws up on my family campouts. I'm always glad when it isn't me!

P.S.--where did you get that white/rainbow parka vest. It's stunning.

Logan said...

You know, I sort of missed New England as soon as I left.

Newt said...

Kaci - I made those captions for you!

Stella - that is astonishingly bad luck for you guys...

Logan - I have to say I am with you... I love this part of the world SO MUCH.

Rachel. said...

you came. you saw. you conquered. aka: victory was yours?

I want that album cover. I want that album. beth looks so hot in purple.