Friday, October 8, 2010

Sad Muffin

Warning... kind of dumb post ahead.

Who would've known it would be so difficult to obtain a NOT non-stick muffin pan?  Apparently everybody wants non-stick.  I just think it's kind of crappy, because they get all scratched up if you're not super careful. 

So I found some online for a reasonable price. 

Except it arrived damaged. 


I returned it one time, very conveniently with this print-out postage label so you don't have to pay for postage.  But then the replacement came back damaged as well.  Ughhhh... 

As I write in the details of my 'reason for return' I JUST WANT TO MAKE MUFFINS... :(((((((


kaci + tom said...

poor pup!!

this is the little cast iron muffin pan i have:

it makes muffins that are in between regular size and mini. so one pan doesn't make much at all, but if you got a couple for yourself and borrowed mine, you'd be in business!

or you could just borrow mine and my regular muffin tin, with liners...

here to alleviate your muffin woes,

Logan said...

This is the same class of problem as wanting to use a chalkboard when everywhere there are just dumb markerboards...

Stella said...

That's the most awesome sad face ever.

Newt said...

Kaci - Oh that pan is so cool. I love cast iron (as you know). I can always count on you for muffin solidarity.

Logan - Is it like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife?

Stella - yeah I was so impressed when my google search revealed that little muffin guy.