Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plum Island

I awoke today, a special day, a bike ride day.  I packed some snacks, bundled up, and headed downstairs to find the following special autumn surprise in the basket of my bicycle.

We had several diversions along the way.  Inflating the tires, stopping for a sandwich/banana bread, etc. What we'd hoped would be a 10:00 am departure time became a 12:00 noon departure - OH WELL WORSE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED.

In the car, we talked about weighty matters, such as which colors of leaves were our favorites.  Orange was the clear winner.  At one point, were so engrossed in the leaf conversation that we completely missed our turn.  We continued down the little country road for a way in hopes that we hadn't, but it became clear that we were not in the vicinity of the nature reserve.

However, we did NOT miss the charming roadside farm stand selling pumpkins.

We chatted with the farmers, posed with the tractor, and each purchased a pumpkin. They threw in a couple of squash into the deal. After some directions from the friendly farmers, we were on our way again. 

Plum Island is a barrier island...

...with the Atlantic Ocean on the east...

...dunes and forests in the middle...

...and marshes along the protected channel to the west. 
 What do you see Kaci?


All in all, a pretty fun day.  We stopped for french fries and fried clams on the way home and got back pretty late and exhausted.

More photos, for your enjoyment.

 Windblown pups.  
 Footprints, human and gull.  

Skinny! Legs! 

 Gone fishing. 

'All animals have a comfort zone.  If an animal moves away 
from you, you are too close'.  Good advice for humans too. 

 A lot of linear feet of boardwalk. 

 It was chilly by the water.

The 'plums' for which the island was named. 


kaci + tom said...

your ambition paid off. A+ newt, A+!!

thank goodness for pumpkin detours. mine is sitting on the piano. :D

kaci + tom said...

"now pay attention girls..."

Anonymous said...


Rachel. said...

Those photos really brought me enJOYment. You shure knew what you were talking/blogging about.

Boodle said...

I went here just the other day! Fishing! We didn't catch anything beautiful <3333

Stella said...

Wow! Where do you live? Reminds me of Maine or around the cape of Mass. I need a bike. And a trail. And maybe a break to the mountains.

Newt said...

Thanks Kaci.

Ju - jealous god? ♥ I actually have a poem/prayer for you that I have to type in or scan from this new book I just got.

Rach - we need to be more consistent posting our 'little joys'.

Boodle - I saw those pics on your blog, but I didn't realize it was the same place! How crazy. Don't you love it there?

Stella - I live in Boston. This little island is north of the city about an hour or so.