Monday, November 22, 2010

Craft Time

How to mount photos on foam core: step-by-step instructions with pictures (!) by Newt. It doesn't have to be photos, it could work with anything paper-y really. 

1.You will need: glue stick (not shown), metal ruler, utility knife or X-Acto knife, pencil.

Glue stick not included. 

2. Measure the width of the photo.  These were standard 5x7 photos, so the width is 7".

 Seven inches wide. 

3. Draw a line that distance from the edge of the foam core.  I measured 7" at several points and used the ruler to connect the lines.

It is tough to hold a ruler with one hand and take 
a photo with the other. 

4. Place the foam core on a large piece of cardboard or something else destructible so you don't ruin your floor or table.  

5. Hold the ruler along the line you drew and use it to guide your knife as you cut along the line.  Foam core has three layers: foam sandwiched between smooth paper on either side. Be sure to cut through all three layers.

See?  It is the same width as the picture.  
If you measured correctly. 

6. Measure the height of the picture (5" on these) and make perpendicular pencil lines at that interval across your entire strip.

I sure hope the lines show up in this image.   

7. Cut along your pencil lines, again using the ruler to guide the blade.  Cut all the pieces in this manner.

The foam pieces also make great toys for children. 

8. For each photo, apply glue to one of the faces of the foam core AND to the back of the photo.  Be sure when you are applying the glue to the photo that you place it face down on a smooth, clean, dry surface so you do not damage it.  I made a box with the glue to get all the corners and edges and then added some squigglies inside. 

9. Place the photo onto the piece of foam core so the two glue faces are touching.  Do it slowly so you can move it around a little before it sticks.  Press it down carefully - I used the sleeves of my sweater so as not to smudge it with fingerprints. 

Voila!  You now can display your works of art.

See them on the floor? Maybe some 
day they will be on the wall...


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I love this. They'd make cute lil' Christmas presents!

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"The foam pieces also make great toys for children."