Thursday, February 17, 2011

Impulse Purchases Today

Today was so so so nice (like 55 degrees).  I got done with work and wandered a little bit, popped my head in different places.
-Little purple shoes
-A whole pineapple
-Poached eggs
-Lava cake

The first two I purchased on the way home, the second two were at a Greek/breakfast restaurant I passed in my wanderings.  Only one of these I regret. 

Can you guess which? 


Boodle said...

I can't see how you would regret any of that!


Anonymous said...

i know! i know! ;-)

Newt said...

Eggs. The texture was repulsive to me.

Rachel. said...

I just saw that it was the eggs, but was about to write: if it is the purple shoes, I will tell you now: never regret them!