Sunday, November 6, 2011

NBPM: More Like Mom or Dad?

Another from October : Between your mother and your father, who are you more alike?

Let's see. I would say in looks, I'm probably more like my dad's side of the family. Personality may be a toss-up. Both are smart, fun, loyal...

Ways I'm like my mom:
  • Sentimental, sympathetic, concerned for others
  • Somewhat conflict-avoidant
  • Making food for people as a way of showing love
  • Maybe more self-doubting

Ways I'm like my dad:
  • Interested in trying new things
  • A bit more of a clown/outgoing/people-oriented
  • Can be detached if I need or want to be
  • Like working with my hands
  • Can get obsessed with a topic

I dunno, this is a difficult prompt. It's hard to describe people, especially those you've known from birth. And maybe even harder to describe yourself.

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