Monday, June 11, 2012


Anatomy class is like being thrown into a foreign country, only knowing a handful of words. It's all jargon to you, all these terms, you have to just try to memorize them all, repeat them at rote. But then. Suddenly things start appearing in multiple places, you recognize a word or a phrase, it relates to something else you know, you understand how two things fit together, why one thing is called what it is called.


We had our first exam, a lecture exam, on Thursday. I don't think I failed it, but other than that I have no idea how I did. Tomorrow is the lab practical exam. Eep! I was telling a friend, I think the honeymoon phase of back-to-school is over. It is still interesting, still cool, but it is definitely WORK now.

We also began our cat dissections last week. Not nearly so bad as I thought. Still gross, but I did not die. I think somehow I'm always amazed that I'm not dead after doing something which I've been dreading. Like somehow I cannot conceive of life after the horrible event which is to come. But that has proved false, time after time, so you'd think I might learn. But anyway. I am getting desensitized to the dead flesh aspect of it and more able to look at it and try to learn what I can and need to learn from it.

I did very well on the math and verbal GREs, only ok on the writing. Probably more than good enough for PT school, but I still might want to re-try later just because I think I can do better than that. Hm. Realisticaly I probably won't.

Interosseus membrane.


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Logan said...

Last month I helped butcher a deer for the first time. I was not nauseated at all by sight or smell, contrary to my expectation.

Newt said...

Logan, did you stop being veg? Or did you just want to hack up a deer for fun? I bet that's different actually, because the blood is probably still in all of the muscles instead of like formaldahyde or whatever chemical they use to preserve the animals you dissect in lab.

Bubs, I too love the interosseus membrane. But I might love some of the skeletal muscles even more.

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Newt said...

And the lab practical went ok too I think. I think I can do this. I really think so.