Monday, July 9, 2012


So. Thoughts since my big life changes.

I feel happy. I am challenged. I am working toward a bigger goal, something worthwhile. I am learning so so so much each and every day. I'm feeding my brain with a lot of new thoughts and information. Spending more time outdoors, in sunlight, exercising so much. My body feels great, my soul feels great.

So in the future I need to really remember that these are things that contribute to my overall well-being. Not  overlook or settle or anything like that. Make them a priority, wherever I find myself, whatever I end up doing with life.

Hopefully I'm learning to be in tune with myself and to recognize the absence of these qualities to life.

That is all.


Rachel Hunt said...

"My body feels great, my soul feels great."

I am so pleased to hear it, pup.

There are a few specific things (like exercising, reading, and writing) that give me those same feelings. Somehow it is still hard to remember in the off moments to actually do them. Best of luck to you.

Newt said...

And best of luck to you too my dearest darlingest Rachie!